Change how you think! Learn how the winners and champions look at winning.

See their approach to their goals and dreams. Look at the mindset of those that reach

the top! While learning new concepts of winning at your endeavors you will also

learn the traits of losers. Learning these traits can help one prepare as a leader,

to avoid being a victim of others losing ways, and the way losers

act in an organization. 

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Excerpts from "Why Winners Win and Losers Lose"

Page 601..."The 4 R's of Winners"

Found on page 601 in an old paperback copy of Webster's Dictionary are the key words of winners and champions.

These "Four R's" form a foundation to bring success to the organization, team, or individual.

It's Just a Number...

A person size, height, weight, age, wealth, records, SAT scores, and game stats are just numbers. When the doors

open, the ball tossed out, or ball kicked-off, the numbers have nothing to do with the pending success or failure.

The Two Choices of Winners...

Handling loses, disappointments, set-backs, and failure and how one responds is what separates talented

non-achievers, from the winners, the champions, and the most successful. When one loses and gets knocked down,

the choices that follow next are the most important decisions one makes regarding success and failure.

The "Man in the Blue Suit"

There are often individuals that have risen to a position of power in an organization that are not what they seem to be

to others outside of the organization. To the outside, they appear to be "the face of the organization" but on the inside.....

Little Fat Man* in the Back of the Boat...

The row boat is rowing down the river. The captain and crew are rowing along towards winning the race. The captain

is shouting "faster and faster" and the boat begins to pick up speed. As the goal is in sight, the little fat man in the back

of the boat...

Why Winners Win and Losers Lose

The Concepts of Champions and Traits of Losers

How to Think, Act, and

Believe Like a Champion!

What is Your Why? ~ How is History Made? ~ It Is Just a Number

Reverse the Mountain... ~ Bright Lights ~ Being vs. Having ~ The One With the Most Assists...

Don't Stop To Smell.. ~ Now Batting ~ You Are Right! ~ Stories of Wisdom

How Much Is In The Cup? ~ The Three W's of Winners... ~ What Does The Day Hold?

Winning vs a Winner and Athletic vs an Athlete ~ The Two Choices of Winners...

What is the Difference? ~ Page 601... ~ The 3 Days for a  Winner ~ Ways and Means

A Higher Calling...

(and Traits of Losers)

The Private Agenda ~ The "I" Guy ~ The "Man in the Blue Suit" ~ Marooned on an Island

The Snake That Bites Will Bite Again...and Again! ~ Two Sides of the Locker Room...

Watch Out for the "Framily" ~ It Only Takes a Little Yeast

Little Fat Guy in the Back of the Boat...

Many more "concepts" and "traits" plus Questions to Consider,

Quotes "From The Locker Room", and Great Stories!

​Take a look for yourself!